We dedicate our work to sustainable and resilient communities.

JAIDE has a team of experts with more than 50 years of experience between them working in natural resource conservation and environmental research and analysis. JAIDE uniquely combines environmental consulting work with a socially conscious approach, providing insight into how policies and projects impact the surrounding communities. We are available to support both public and private organizations.

Services Offered

  • Natural and Working Lands Conservation Consultation:
    • Conservation planning, carbon farm planning
    • Consultation on environmental restoration/conservation or agricultural projects
    • Analysis, and reporting for soil, water, forestry, botany, and other sciences.
  • Organizational Support:
    • Grant writing 
    • Project management of a new or existing grant or program
    • Data analysis and reporting
    • Budget analysis, reporting and projections
    • Administrative organization and Executive Director training
    • Organizational tool development
    • Consensus-based facilitation
    • Bringing JAIDE principles into the workplace
  • Political Advocacy:
    • Policy development
    • Environmental justice advocacy
    • Inclusive network development

“We were very happy with their work on this highly successful project… We were very appreciative of the work that JAIDE provided… and look forward to working with them again.”

Stephanie Garrabrant-Sierra

Executive Director

Mendocino County Resource Conservation District