Our Values and History

We are driven by the values of Justice, Advocacy, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity to support sustainable and resilient communities – both ecologically and socially. 

Our Values

  • Justice – correcting injustices and providing ground for true fairness 
  • Advocacy – amplifying voices that are not heard, making space for voices or speaking on behalf of people/causes
  • Inclusion – making space at the table for all voices
  • Diversity – holding space for a variety of people, ideas, thoughts/opinions, feelings
  • Equity – fairness, balance, and equal opportunity for access to resources, opportunities, and basic necessities; all voices are invited and welcome, and those who have historically been excluded or diminished are amplified through our work.

Our History

After working as a team under the name Eco-Presto from July 2021-December 2021, JAIDE officially launched with the 2022 New Year. JAIDE was brought together after the six partners realized they needed to work in a resource conservation environment that centered social justice. The team is informed by and leads with these values. The work that we do provides a unique perspective on what is traditionally a field dominated by hegemonic viewpoints. As a team of BIPOC individuals wherein five out of six of the partners are women, we are singularly situated to see and respond to injustices in our respective fields. This is what JAIDE does best; offering high-quality consulting and project management with a socially conscious lens.