The Team

JAIDE Conservation Collective has six partners who run the organization through a consensus model

Jeff Borum

Chief Ecological Officer


Jeff has experience in ecological restoration (planning, implementation, monitoring), habitat assessments, soil & water sampling, testing, and analyzing, presentations and consultations, and  teaching or running workshops for soil sampling. He also specializes in coordination of on-farm/ranch research trials, and has  experience with operating small to medium construction and farm equipment such as excavators, tractors, etc.


Jeff’s main passions lie in land back movements; food sovereignty, social justice,  decommodification, decentralization, and demonetization of agriculture  and food systems. He is a  “multi-species futurist,” meaning that he  wants to make a better life and existence on this planet for all species. 

Humboldt State University / BS Environmental Science / 2013,  ARCATA CA

Kristen Murphy

Conservation Liason


Kristen has experience in conservation planning, advocacy, strategic planning, building partnerships and relationships, and policy review and advocacy. She has planned, trained for, and facilitated large scale events and workshops and small scale meetings. She is well-versed in public speaking, labor and employee rights, program and project budgeting, and grant writing  for state, federal, and private grants.


Kristen is passionate about conservation, equity and justice in both the world and the conservation movement. She is especially drawn toward work in the food sovereignty and land back realms.

University of California Davis / BS Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems / 2015, DAVIS CA

Jasmine Orozco

Community Outreach Specialist


Jasmine has experience in environmental education, outreach, event planning, press releases, and working through various social medias.


Jasmine is especially passionate about community education and connecting people of color to the outdoors.

California State University of San Bernardino / BA Psychology / 2013,  SAN BERNARDINO CA

Santiago Canyon College / AS Water Utility Science / 2016,  ORANGE CA

Chandra Richards

Environmental Research Planner


Chandra’s strengths lie in scientific expertise, as a researcher and planner, and providing technical assistance and education. She has a PhD in soil biogeochemistry, and has been doing research for many years. She does outreach and engagement with local planners as well as tribes, private landowners, and land trusts and conservancies. She has also worked in conservation science, habitat restoration, forest health, and agricultural management. 


Chandra is passionate about research and planning towards resilience and stronger communities. She is also enthusiastic about better understanding the impacts of diversity on the environment. 

Pennsylvania State University / BS Chemistry and Mathematics / 2009,  State College, PA

University of California Berkeley / PhD Biogeochemistry 2016,  BERKELEY CA 

Sheena Sidhu

Resilient Community Planner


Sheena has trained in entomology, IPM, grant writing, technical writing. research & synthesis, outreach, train-the-trainer education, and helping PhDs transition from academia into conservation work.


She is interested in entomology, IPM, grant writing, and editing written materials (like technical docs or outreach material). In the future she would like to branch out into permitting & strategy. 

Pennsylvania State University / PhD Entomology / 2013, University Park, PA
University of California San Diego / BS Environmental Systems / 2006, San Diego, CA

Elissa Robinson

Environmental Equity Planner


Elissa has ten years of experience working in watershed conservation, community organizing and education. For the last two years, she has had a heavy focus on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Elissa graduated in 2021 from the East Contra Costa Leaders of Color Cohort from the Leaderspring Center. She has experience working with the planning commission for the city of Pittsburg from 2017-2020. She has also served on the East Bay Regional Parks District Park Advisory Committee from 2015 until now. She recently transitioned from working in watershed conservation into the political sphere. 


Elissa intends to continue working on the intersection of environment and equity. 

California Polytechnic Humboldt / BS Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation / 2022,  ARCATA CA

In addition to the six partners, JAIDE has two other dedicated staff working on the team.

Megan McCluer

Chief Financial Officer/Contractor

Megan McCluer has served as an Executive Director in multiple organizations such as the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District and the U.S. Department of Energy Wind Energy Program.  She holds Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees and is a graduate of the Mendocino County Executive Leadership training program. She currently works as a Project Manager and Data Analyst for North Coast Resource Management, Inc. in Ukiah, CA and as an independent contractor with JAIDE Conservation Collective, LLC. She lives in Redwood Valley, CA with her husband Juan Lopez and brother Dan McCluer.

Wilder Herbertson


Wilder has been engaged with JAIDE as a contractor doing non-profit consulting since November, 2021. They have experience as an administrative assistant, outreach coordinator, and bookkeeper. Wilder has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California Davis. They are also a passionate ancestral skills practitioner and teacher, and leads plant and mushroom foraging forays for individuals and groups.

University of California Davis / BA Psychology / 2015,  DAVIS, CA

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